Graduating Class of 2019/2020 & Capstone Projects

  • Rachel Baptise, Lumen Consulting Group Inc. (Ontario).
    Capstone Project: "Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategy - Sysco Canada".
  • Cecille Butler, Retail Store Manager, The Body Shop (Ontario).
    Capstone Project: "Implementing a Living Wage for The Body Shop Canada".
  • Gina Castillo, Collaborative Impact Consultant (Boston, Massachusetts).
    Capstone Project:"Sowing the Seeds of Sustainable Cities". Honourable Mention, President's Capstone Awards.
  • Tom Chervinsky, Public Affairs & Not-for-Profit Consultant (Ontario).
    Capstone Project: "Communicating CSR in Cannabis - A Proposed Tool for Reporting".
  • Lesley Choules, Senior Development Officer, Corporate Partnerships, Nature Conservancy (Ontario).
    Capstone Project:"Shared Value Partnerships: A Corporate Strategy Model for the Nature Conservancy of Canada".
  • Jessica Farias, Programs Manager at Future Skills Centre (Ontario).
    Capstone Project: "The Fight for Decent Work and Corporate Philanthropy: Building Economic Prosperity through Accountability & Partnerships".
  • Sheila Goodfellow, Communications & Community Relations, Honda of Canada (Ontario).
    Capstone Project: "Community Investment Strategy for Honda of Canada Mfg".
  • Steven Gregory, Senior Buyer, Eldor Automotive Powertrain USA LLC (Michigan).
    Capstone Project: "A Practical Review of ISO 20400".
  • Shahin Hirji, Mining Consultant, Distill Consulting (Ontario). Capstone Project: "Break with Tradition: The Case for Disruptive Sustainable Innovation in Mining & Mineral Processing". President's Capstone Winner in the Category of Social and Environmental Impact.
  • Karen Isber, Health & Safety Advisory, York University (Ontario).
    Capstone Project: "Sustainability@YorkU ELearning Session".
  • Alyssa Kornet, Senior Manager, Festival Services, Toronto International Film Festival (Ontario).
    Capstone Project: "The Societal Impact of Arts Organizations".
  • Sabrina Lavoie, Executive Director, Budget, Business Development, Concordia University (Quebec).
    Capstone Project: "Governance Structure and Implementation Action Plan for the Launch of the first Sustainability Plan at Concordia University".
  • Laura Lindberg, prev. Sr. Director, Pepsico (Ontario). Capstone Project:"Climate Change Conversations".
  • Kathryn Meagley, Clinical Research Manager,Veterans Affairs Hospital (Georgia). Capstone Project: "The Ecosystem of Co-creating Shared Value through Cross-Sectoral Collaboration in Drug and Medical Supply Donation Programs".
  • Paula Murphy Ives, Managing Director, Social Capital and Impact, RBC (Ontario).
    Capstone Project: "Sphere: Re-imagining New Ways of Living and Working together". Honourable Mention - President's Capstone Awards.
  • Shawna Peddle, Program Director, Community Economic Development Funds, The Co-operators (Ontario).
    Capstone Project: "Developing a Theory of Change - The Pathways to Employability Initiative". President's Capstone Winner in the Category - Significant Advancement in Social and Environmental Responsibility, Sustainability and/or ESG. 
  • David Rutherford, VP, ESG; Aviso Wealth (Ontario).
    Capstone Project:"The Power of Purpose - Why purpose enablement is poised to transform wealth management and financial advice". President's Capstone Winner in the Category of Innovative Practices in Social & Environmental Responsibility, Sustainability and/or ESG.
  • Emma Rogers, CEO, Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington (Ontario).
    Capstone Project:"GuelphGives".
  • Ellen Sparling, Bilingual Consumer Support Specialist, Diva International Inc. "DivaCup" (Ontario).
    Capstone Project: "How Startups Navigate Growth, Challenge, and Change while maintaining their Core Values and CSR Strategies".
  • GraduationVideo3 Watch the Graduation Video for the 2020 Graduation.

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