Program Outcomes


Transform your perspective, your career and/or your organization. In this program, participants receive a year-long mentorship from a Subject Matter Expert in their chosen field of development. Your Mentor Leader will guide you through your Capstone Project, Assignments and even CSR/Sustainability challenges you may be facing at work or in your career.

In this program, you will:

Apply CSR and Sustainability to Your Work through a Capstone Project

  • Deconstruct the elements of CSR/Sustainability and apply them to your organization.
  • Complete a company/personal CSR/Sustainability Capstone Project under the mentorship of faculty and co-learners.
  • Practice reflective, integrated, systems-based decision-making.
  • Analyze the role of ethics, human rights, governance, employee engagement, community investment, stakeholder engagement, environmental responsibility, diversity and inclusion strategies in the implementation of CSR/Sustainability.
  • Examine the steps for measurement and reporting with reference to guidelines like the Global Reporting Initiative.
  • Consider the material issues in reporting Sustainability and CSR.

Lead Organizational Change

  • Determine your role as as CSR/ Sustainability change agent, transformational leader and professional.
  • Apply change management principles using an internationally recognized, web-based ExperienceChange™ Simulation.

Become part of a Community of Learning

  • Join a Community of Practice among CSR/Sustainability Practitioners and past Alumni, from around the world and across a wide variety of business, government and non-governmental organizations.

Gain a Global Perspective

  • Examine Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability as a whole – using systems, futures and critical thinking.
  • Develop a shared language and mental model related to the field of CSR/Sustainability.

This program was central to transitioning my career to Corporate Social Responsibility /Sustainability. I made valuable contacts and landed a CSR contract during the program. The learning from the faculty, materials and my classmates has been invaluable as it strengthened my existing areas of expertise and closed the gap in others. The outcome was a skill-set to be a catalyst for impact and create economic, social and environmental value through sustainable business.

Eric Saavala (Class 2017/2018), Strategic Account Executive – Corporate, Foundations and Non-profit Solutions, Blackbaud