Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the program?

The program encompasses just over 16 months beginning in July online and concluding in early November of the following year. Actual contact time is divided into 3 modules for a total of 11 days & evenings of instruction and conversation on campus: 3 days in October; 5 days the following May; 3 days in early November. In between the sessions are Webcast Lectures every 2 weeks, assignments and some group work. Students have up to 3 years to complete the program, so balancing family, work and school is possible.

What is the cost?

Tuition fees are currently set at $9,150 (CDN) if paid in one installment. Payment may also be made in two installments of $4,750 each.

Fees include all course materials, meals and refreshment breaks (breakfast and lunch) on campus. Travel and accommodation (at nearby hotels of participants’ own choosing) are not included.

Do you take International Students?

International Students are welcome. Please note that you will need to travel to Canada three times over the course of the program. Also, the program does not qualify for Canada’s Post-graduate work permit.

Prior to granting International Students an interview, we will ask

  • Have you recently received a Travel Visa to Toronto or any part of Canada. We have had a couple of occurrences where international participants have not been able to get a Visa to travel to Canada and if you had already done so, it is a good sign. International Participants in this program only need a Visitors Visa.
  • Do you have the financial means to travel to Canada three times between the dates of October (in your starting year) and November (the following year). This program is like an Executive MBA, where we meet 3 times in person in Canada. The remaining part of the program is done synchronously and asynchronously online. We know it is very expensive to travel to Canada. These costs are the responsibility of the applicants. You would also have to cover accommodation while here and your tuition. We do have a bursary program, however the bursary is very small, only about $ 500. This bursary is competitive and based on need.

How do I qualify?

Qualified applicants typically have at least one post-secondary diploma or degree and some experience (corporate or not for profit) in at least one of the areas that fall under the Social Responsibility/Sustainability/ESG umbrella.

An interview with each qualified applicant is included as part of the admission process to ensure a good learning fit for everyone.

Why are the classes so small? (limit: 40 participants per cohort)

The program is designed to enable in-depth discussion among participants and with the team of instructors – including many guest speakers who are themselves graduates of the program.

Are there any graduates of the program who might be willing to talk to me about their experience?

When requested, the program manager has arranged email introductions between applicants and graduates. Many of our graduates have generously offered their insights about Social Responsibility, Sustainability and ESG in general and this program in particular to those who are relatively new to the field.

Are any Bursaries or Scholarships Available?

The Diploma Program does have two small bursaries of $500, the Ron Knowles Bursary of $1,000 and the BIG (Best in Governance) Bursary of $5,000 offered annually. You should apply to the bursary at the time of application to the program. In addition, there is a Bursary for Indigenous Students (Application must be made by February 1). Newcomers and Refugees to Canada can receive low interest tuition funding from Windmill Microlending, a not-for-profit organization. Decisions on bursaries are made on June 30th. If you are not selected for a bursary but still want to participate in the program, we may be able to provide you with a 3 or 4 tuition payment plan over 2 years to make your tuition payments more manageable.

I am a Graduate, how do I get my Diploma Reprinted?

If you are a graduate of the program with the Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility or the Diploma in Social Responsibility and Sustainability, you can get your documents reprinted using this Order Form .