Work While You Learn

The Diploma in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability is a “one of a kind” flexible, blended learning program that allows you to work full-time while earning your Graduate Diploma.

You will learn through a blended, 11 day In-Person and 29 day (equivalent) on-line lectures, discussions & group cases with ESG, Sustainability, Social Impact Practitioners, Thought Leaders and Peers. This combined 40 days of contact time with professionals exceeds that of any comparable program. Participants say the the skills and knowledge they receive over this 16 month program give them the confidence to take on a role in sustainability, social responsibility or ESG.

Accommodate your busy professional and personal schedule by taking up to 3 years to complete the program.

The face-to-face sessions occur on the beautiful and historic University of St. Michael’s College campus in the University of Toronto. The in-person sessions occur over three modules as outlined below.

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Information Session on Business Case & Application Process

Module 1

3 days in October on the University of Toronto campus

Foundations of CSR, Sustainability, ESG:

  • State of Sustainability, CSR, ESG
  • Company-level and Project – level business case
  • Sustainability assessment frameworks
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Practitioners as Change Agents
  • Building Mindfulness, Meditation and Reflection into your Practice
  • ExperienceChangeâ„¢ Change Management Business Simulation and Transitional Pathways – Three Horizon Model (Group Case)
  • Innovation and Building Business Models for Social Responsibility & Sustainability (Group Case)
  • Transitional Leadership Competencies and Practice
  • Introduction to Truth and Reconciliation – Kairos Blanket Exercise
  • Understanding Context and Systems – Slow Knowledge and Reflection

Experiential Work between Sessions:

  • Work with Mentor/Instructor on Capstone
  • Assignment 1: CSR, Sustainability, ESG Book Review
  • Assignment: Capstone Project Proposal
  • Monthly Alumni Webcasts and Readings
    • Prior to Module 1
      • Embedding Project
      • Volunteerism for Engagement & Community Investment
      • Business Case – ROI Tool (Pre-Work for October)
      • Intrapreneurship
    • Post Module 1 & Prior to Module 2
      • Stakeholder Engagement
      • Understanding ESG & how it is different from CSR & Sustainability
      • Understanding the Taskforce on Climate Related Financial Disclosures
      • Understanding SASB and Integrated Reporting
      • Understanding IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards (in progress) including: General Sustainability-related Disclosures and Climate-related Disclosures
      • Reporting Best Practices (Annual Report by The Works Design)
      • Anti-Corruption & Human Rights
      • Strategy Development (Strategy Assessment Pre-Work for May)
      • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility (Benchmark Pre-Work for May)
      • Leadership and Climate Change Group Projects and Dialogues
  • Preparation for the next Module on the Learning Management System
  • Journaling and Reflection

Module 2

5 days in May on the University of Toronto campus

Deconstructing CSR, Sustainability, ESG:

  • Developing Strategy and Embedding CSR/Sustainability/ESG
  • Examining Credible Goals
  • Materiality Methods and Approaches for Opportunity and Risk Management & Reporting
  • En-Roads Climate Solutions Simulation
  • Ethical Behaviour, Tools (Codes of Conduct etc.) and Giving Voice to Values
  • Inclusion, Diversity Equity & Accessibility and Panel
  • Building Mindfulness, Meditation and Reflection into your Practice
  • Transitional Leadership Check In
  • Community Investment, Corporate Partnerships, Measurement & Reporting and Panel
  • Metrics & Reporting ESG, CSR, Sustainability and Panel
  • ESG & Sustainability Ranking and Ratings

Experiential Work between Sessions:

  • Assignment 2: Option of 1. B Corp or Embedding Gap Assessment, 2. Various Accreditations 3. Participant Hosted Webinar, 4. Conference Reflection Elective
  • Capstone Project Work (due September)
  • 4 Seasons of Reconciliation Course – Reconciliation Education with Deloitte
  • Best Practice Webcasts and Readings
    • Supply Chain Sustainability
    • Participant Hosted Webinar (Option for Assignment 2)
  • Preparation for Next Module on the Learning Management System
  • Journaling and Reflection

Module 3

3 days in November on the University of Toronto campus, plus Convocation on Saturday

Integrating CSR, Sustainability, ESG:

  • Indigenous Perspectives and Reconciliation for ESG, Sustainability & CSR
  • Progressive Aboriginal Relations, Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
  • Governance: Implications for ESG, CSR and Sustainability and Panel
  • Your Transitional Leadership Journey ESG, CSR/Sustainability and Panel
  • Building Mindfulness, Meditation and Reflection into your Practice
  • Novel Study – Application of ESG, CSR, Sustainability
  • President’s Capstone Award Nominee Presentations and Awards
  • (Optional Day 4) University of St. Michael’s College at University of Toronto, Grad. Diploma in SR&S Convocation Ceremony and Reception