Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability Graduate Diploma

Registration for the 2020/2021 Program is now closed.

Registration for the 2021/2022 Program will commence January 1, 2021.  We recommend that you apply early.  The program fills up quickly and was 95% subscribed by June, 2020 for the 2020/2021 program.

Join participants in this Cohort from Deloitte, HSBC Bank, Sysco, Tapestry Community Capital, Canadian Finance and Leasing Association, Flight Centre Travel, SMART CENTRES REIT, Tata Group Retail, Dundurn Press, Chevron, WSP, Publicis Sapient, Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, Pomerleau, Public Housing Services Corporation, Genuine Health, Civic Works Consulting, Donor Engine, Publicis Sapient, Avanti Software and many more in the for profit and not for profit sectors.

Online Learning Component Starts in July, 2020

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(Learn about the Business Case, Capstone Project & Mentors, Program Design, Tuition & Admission Process)

 Take your career in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability to the next level.

  • Tackle and resolve a CSR/Sustainability challenge in your company in a major Action Project under the mentorship of faculty and co-learners.
  • Learn from global thought leaders on the forefront of Sustainability and CSR.
  • Experience the practical real world application of CSR and change management through ExperienceChange™ Simulations.
  • Join a prestigious community of St. Michael's Alumni in continuing education, sharing and networking.
  • Earn a professional post graduate university credential for CSR and Sustainability with post nominal letters.
LEARNING to Make a Difference with a Graduate Diploma in Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability are common terms for this field.  Other terms include: ESG (Environment, Social, Governance), Corporate Responsibility, Corporate Citizenship, Sustainable Development, Sustainable Innovation, Social Purpose and Social Innovation.  Community Investment is a field within CSR and Sustainability.

Proud Participating Companies include:

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A Season of Transformation for St.Mike's CSR Program

For close to 20 years, University of St. Michael’s College has been the go-to school in Canada to study Corporate Social Responsibility, an operational philosophy also known by a variety of other labels, including ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance), Corporate Citizenship, or Social Purpose and Social Innovation.

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New Diploma in Social Responsibility & Sustainability Recognizes Evolution of Social Impact at the University of St. Michael's College

A name change, a new award and an enhanced academic designation mark a season of growth and transformation for the Corporate Social Responsibility program at the University of St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto.

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USMC Corporate Social Responsibility Program Launches New Award for Capstone Project

TORONTO, Oct. 23 - Four projects demonstrating the impact of business and governments’ Social Responsibility and Sustainability practices on youth mental health, Truth and Reconciliation, municipal CSR engagement, and the real estate sector have earned nominations for the inaugural USMC President’s Capstone Project Award for the Graduate Certificate in CSR/Sustainability. 
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A Review: We Do Things Differently: The Outsiders Rebooting Our World by Mark Stevenson

"We Do Things Differently" is a prequel to his acclaimed book, An Optimists Tour of the Future. Widely known as a futurologist, Stevenson focuses this book on the here and now chronicling the stories of people who are putting brave ideas on the table today, that allow us to imagine an alternative future.

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2017/2018 Cohort - Module 2 "Practical, Tangible, Insightful"

This May, participants in the Certificate in CSR/Sustainability reconvened to learn how to embed CSR/Sustainability in measurable, meaningful ways.

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