Graduating Class of 2021/2022 & Capstone Projects

Paetra Addison, Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation (Nova Scotia) Capstone Project: Support4 Relationship Strategy

Ihuaku (Kate) Azuma Awoyo, Project Lead Waste, Sustainability, Saputo Inc. (Alberta) Capstone Project: Valourizing Discarded Waste – A peak into Food, Plastic and Hospitality Sector

Amanda Baron, Legal Counsel, Metro Vancouver Regional District (British Columbia) Capstone Project: A review of Climate Risk and Resilience Management at Metro Vancouver Regional District. President’s Capstone Award Winner.

Siobhane Barrie, Manager, Social Impact and Sustainability, LCBO (Ontario) Capstone Project: Raising The Bar Spirit OF Inclusion Initiative – LCBO Internship Program. President’s Capstone Honourable Mention.

Marilyn Bastedo, Community Investment Specialist, The Home Depot Canada (Ontario) Capstone Project: Scope 3 Community Impact – The next steps in expanding community impact strategies through sustainable engagement to local communities

Katie Blum, Director, Climate Solutions, Persefoni (Illinois) Capstone Project: The WMN: Women Moving the Needle

Sharon Cattan, Senior Corporate Social Responsibility and Internal Communications Specialist, Alcool NB Liquor (New Brunswick) Capstone Project: Engaging Employees in a Community Investment Strategy

Jennifer Chang, Corporate Development and Partnerships Manager, Food Banks Canada (Ontario) Capstone Project: Greenhouse Gas Calculator

Yichao Chen, Director, Climate and Energy, Cadillac Fairview (Alberta) Capstone Project: Climate Resilience for Asset Managers and Owners: Cadillac Fairview’s Climate Risk Strategies and TCFD alignment

Natalie Chinsam, Professor, Business Centennial College (Ontario) Capstone Project: Where are they now & What are they thinking? An analysis of 20 years of Alumni and Students in the Graduate Diploma Program in Social Responsibility & Sustainability at USMC

Emily Chiu, Brand Manager – Corporate Social Responsibility, The Bay (Ontario) Capstone Project: An Analysis of CSR Strategies: Takeaways from Best-in-Class Executions. President’s Capstone Honourable Mention.

Julie Davidson, Chief of Staff, Personal Banking, Laurentian Bank (Ontario) Capstone Project: Implementing a Sustainability Strategy: Three requirements to successfully embed sustainability throughout an organization for maximum impact on social and environmental issues

Bonnie Dobchuk, Director, Women in Mining & Women in Nuclear Saskatchewan Inc., Birch Narrows Dene Development Inc. (Saskatchewan) Capstone Project: Redefining the Corporation: A Reflection on paradigm shifts on the path to inclusive corporations

Lori Dundas, Senior Communications Manager – Business, ATB Financial (Alberta) Capstone Project: The Case for Sustainability in Alberta Mid-Market Business: A Content Series

Tamar Epstein

Tamar Epstein, General Counsel and VP ESG, Validere (Alberta) Capstone Project: DEI in the Workplace – Looking to Yesterday as a Guide to Tomorrow

Madelaine Emberson, Director, Human Resources, Navigatr (Ontario) Capstone Project: Finding our North Star: A Framework for Community Investment & Stakeholder Engagement at Navigatr Group. President’s Capstone Honourable Mention.

Patricia Escobar, Sustainability Manager, University of Toronto Scarborough (Ontario) Capstone Project: Assessing the Sustainability of Operations at the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC). President’s Capstone Award Winner.

Rebecca Gibbons, Strategic Advisor, Sustainability, Government of Saskatchewan (Saskatchewan) Capstone Project: Innovation in Saskatchewan: An ESG & Sustainability Roadmap

Meillyn Gustar, Account Manager- Mid Market, Telus (Ontario) Capstone Project: The Case for a Sustainability Eco System

Victoria Houle, Senior Development Officer Corporate Partnerships, Kids Help Phone (Ontario) Capstone Project: Implementing a Sustainability Strategy: Three requirements to successfully embed sustainability throughout an organization for maximum impact on social and environmental issues

Leigh Jasmine, Director, Development and Strategic Partnerships at Children First Canada (Ontario) Capstone Project: Barriers and opportunities for building multi-stakeholder partnerships that accelerate social impact: An exploration of perspectives from the not-for-profit and corporate sector. President’s Capstone Honourable Mention.

Alison Joutsi, Manager, Sustainability & ESG, Risk Advisory Services, BDO (Ontario) Capstone Project: What ESG issues should BDO Canada prioritize in order to advance both business goals, and the global sustainability agenda?

Susan Kapetanovic, Director, Sustainability, Canderel (Alberta) Capstone Project: Aligning Purpose with Profit: Starting with Materiality Assessment

Joanna King, Planning Coordinator , Health Care (Newfoundland) Capstone Project: A place for an ESG Management Plan and Reporting Framework in Provincial Health Care

Laura Klein, Project Coordinator, Lake Futures Project, University of Waterloo (Ontario) Capstone Project: Impacting Solutionscapes: Lessons learned about integrating impact into academic research

Lee Lawrence, Founding President, Gemba Group Solutions (Ontario) Capstone Project: Sustainability Audit Success in a Small Canadian Manufacturer Using an ISO-based Integrated Management System

Megan McCabe, Business Development Manager, North America, Loop (Ontario) Capstone Project: Canadian Retail & The Circular Economy: Why Retailers Should Partner with Loop to Create a Reuse Ecosystem in Canada

Heather McKelvey, Chief Executive Officer, Ripple (Ontario) Capstone Project: Integrating ESG into Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises. President’s Capstone Award Winner.

Stefanie McPherson, Vice President (Interim), Corporate Partnerships , SickKids Foundation (Ontario) Capstone Project: SickKids Social Impact Bonds – An Exploration

Marie-Claude Mongeon, Responsable, Secrétariat général at Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (Quebec) Capstone Project: Sustainable Development Planning at the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (MAC). President’s Capstone Honourable Mention.

Amal Musa, Community Investment Advisor, City Of Guelph (Ontario) Capstone Project:

Josh Nicholas, Senior Specialist, Corporate Donations & Community Partnerships, CIBC (Ontario) Capstone Project: Why socially conscious organizations should focus their net zero strategy on people

Christie Oh, Ph.D. Student, University of Toronto (Ontario) Capstone Project: A Global Citizen STEAM Network for Climate Action and Sustainable Futures – Business Model Canvas

Alexandra Rayment, Senior Director, Partnerships, Elevate (Ontario) Capstone Project: Building the Foundation of Elevate’s SR&S Strategy

Andrew Robertson, Associate Director, External Affairs, Novo Nordisk Canada Inc. (Ontario) Capstone Project: (Lessons on) Supporting Sovereign, Indigenous-Led Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity Reduction Initiatives in Canada

Pierre Salameh

Pierre Salameh, Innovation Manager (Sustainability), Compass Group (Ontario) Capstone Project: Sustainability by Innovation

Julie Scullion,Communications and Networking Specialist, Laurier Centre for Women in Science, Wilfrid Laurier University,(Ontario) Capstone Project: Starting from Scratch: Develop a CSR Program that Works

Rosalind Share, Chief Financial Officer, Quandl Inc. (Ontario) Capstone Project: Rubric to Evaluate an Asset Manager’s Net Zero Emissions Strategy. President’s Capstone Award Winner.

Sarah Strom, Hudson’s Bay Foundation Specialist (Ontario) Capstone Project: The Purpose of Purpose: A Business Case for Sustainability Governance at The Bay

Tayna Thorpe, Principal Advisor – Risk Business Partner – Risk Area of Expertise, Group Finance, Rio Tinto (Quebec) Capstone Project: What can a company’s business risks tell us about its resilience to climate change? – Leveraging risk data to enable effective communication of ESG insights

Katelyn Tovey, Senior Sustainability Consultant, ReMM Group (Ontario) Capstone Project: Don’t get trashed: A journey to TRUE zero waste

Trish Tervit, Director, Public Affairs, CIBC (Ontario) Capstone Project: How Dare You: how language brings hope to the climate change conversation Incorporating best practices for impactful sustainability communications. President’s Capstone Honourable Mention.

Emma Thomas, Program Lead and Instructor, NorQuest College (Alberta) Capstone Project: Integrating Sustainability into Post-Secondary College Curriculum

Hao Tian, Associate, Sustainability Advisory, Global Investment Banking, CIBC Capital Markets (Ontario) Capstone Project: Enabling The Circular Economy Business Strategy by Finance: Review and Recommendation for TSX60 Companies

Mika Untermann, Founder and President, Apical Ethical Cannabis Collective (Ontario) Capstone Project: Barriers to Adoption of SR&S in the Cannabis Industry, and Using Peer-to-Peer Structure for Better Outcomes. President’s Capstone Honourable Mention.

Tamanna Urmi, Human Resources and Sustainable Development Professional (Ontario) Capstone Project: Impacts of Climate Change on Migration

Kirstin Vanderpark, Global DEI Co-Lead, Canada Life Reinsurance (Ontario) Capstone Project: Battling Burnout & Creating Community: Building a Resilient, Connected Corporate Culture Through an Integrated Divisional DEI & Employee Wellness Strategy

Heather Watts, Director, Healthcare Industry Relations, Health Partners International of Canada. (Ontario) Capstone Project: Good Health and Well-Being for All: The Role of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Meeting UN Sustainable Development Target 3.8