Graduating Class of 2018/2019 & Capstone Projects

Joelle Berube-Cheng, Coordinator, Fund Development, The Riverwood Conservacy (Ontario).Capstone:“Outgrowing Capacity: Finding Corporate Social Responsibility At The Riverwood Conservancy”

Alexandra Biron, Assistant Manager, Corporate Responsibility, Deloitte (Ontario). Capstone: “Indigenous Impact Report – Deloitte”. (Co-Winner President’s Capstone Project Award)

Nikki Byrne, Corporate Fundraising Manager, Regent Park School of Music Foundation (Ontario). Capstone Project: “Stand Up!for Youth Mental Health: Will Community Investment Payoff for Family Channel? (Honourable Mention – President’s Capstone Award)

Lauren Butler, Manager – Communications & Fundraising, Connected North @ TakingITGlobal (Ontario). Capstone: “The Wrong Message: Why Sustainability Communication is Creating Neither Change Nor Urgency (and What We Can Do to Fix It)”

Evelyn Chan, Senior Officer, Fund Development & Operations, G(irls)20 (Ontario). Capstone: “Re-Imagining Employee Engagement

Jeff Cameron, Senior Director, Business Operations, Eckler Ltd. (Ontario). Capstone: “Eckler’s Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

Madeline Kingston, Manager, Volunteer & Community Engagement, Toronto Humane Society (Ontario). Capstone: “Corporate Engagement Through Volunteerism: A Mutually Beneficial Model

Laurel Hansen, Director, Strategic Operations, Me to We (Ontario). Capstone: “ME to WE Trips: Sustainability Assessment and Recommendations for Sustainable Impact

Marianne Limpert, Program Promotions Coordinator, Community Investment, New Brunswick Power (New Brunswick). Capstone: “Development of a Signature Community Investment Program for New Brunswick Power

Andrea McLeod, Management Consultant, City of Mississauga (Ontario). Capstone:”Bringing to Life a CSR/Sustainability Conversation for Mississauga (Honourable Mention President’s Capstone Award)

Andrew Kondraski, Director, Steward Communications,Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance (Ontario). Captone: “Making Plastics Sustainable in Canada

Dr. Shiv Nath, Professor, Institute of Management Technology Nagpur (India). Capstone: “A Study of CSR Practices of Indian Companies

Kate Minson, Manager, Community Investment, HSBC Bank Canada (British Columbia). Capstone Project: “Case Studies in Change Management and Strategy Implementation.”

Miranda O’Connor, Founder, The Art of Storytelling (Ontario). Capstone: “CSR Storytelling: A Framework for Creating an Engaging Experience and Shaping Corporate Identity

Laura Pacheco, Board Ethics Centre (Ontario). Capstone: “Influencing Senior Canadian Financial Executives and their view on CSR and Ethical Decision Making.”

Jordan Pinches, Customer Success Manager, EcoVadis (Ontario). Capstone:”Fundamentals, Flywheels and Optimizing Sustainable Procurement

Isabel Perez-Doherty, Manager, Philanthropy & Strategic Impact, YWCA (Ontario). Capstone: “Running head: Future fit business exploration – Embedding equity practices in business strategy

Ashley Pettifer, Director, Public Affairs & Partnerships, Ryelle Strategy Group (Ontario). Capstone: “A Service Offering For CSR

Rebecca Schwartz, Director, Marketing & Communications, Pear Tree Financial Services Ltd.(Ontario). Capstone: “Where Finance meets Philanthropy

Kim Robinson, Managing Director, OVC Pet Trust, Ontario Veterinarian College (Ontario). Capstone: “Compassionate Care – Providing subsidized care to marginalized communities and populations. A program for the Ontario Veterinary College

Tricia Schers, VP Marketing & Sales, Frontiers North Adventures (Manitoba). Capstone: “Leveraging Employee Engagement to Better Distribute CSR and Sustainability at Frontiers North Adventures

Mary Simpkins, Process & Applications Consultant, Celestica (Ontario). Capstone:”Running head: MOVING MOUNTAINS

Sarah Thirnbeck, Associate Director, Strategic Impact, Canadian Real Estate Association (Nova Scotia). Capstone: “CSR Strategy for Canadian Real Estate Association.” (Co – Winner – President’s Capstone Project Award)