Graduating Class of 2017/2018 & Capstone Projects

Haley Anderson, CSR Specialist; Goldcorp Red Lake Gold Mines (Ontario). Capstone Project: Goldcorp Community Contribution Strategy

Annette Casey, Consultant (Ontario). Capstone Project: For A Strong CSR Launch, your Communication Plan Needs to go above and Beyond

Pamela Cone, VP Global Corporate Responsibility, Milliman (Washington). Capstone Project: The State of Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability Programs in Professional Services Firms

Kathryn Condon,CSR Department; Social Media Manager, Sandy Lake Gold Inc./GMP Metals (Ontario). Capstone Project: Driving Responsible Exploration: from Vision to Value, First Year Strategic Plan

Paula Copeland, Director, Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility, Port Saint John (New Brunswick). Capstone Project: Building a Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility at Port Saint John

Kim Cavicchia, Associate, Portfolio Management, Capital Markets, Royal Bank (Ontario). Capstone Project: Beyond the Balance Sheet: Economic, Environmental and Social Reporting Framework & Scorecard for Asset Based Lending, RBC Capital Markets

Eusis Dougan-McKenzie, Principal, Lokono Group (Ontario). Capstone Project: The Case for a Universal Corporate Social Responsibility Measurement Framework

John Heckbert, Senior Director, Planning; Program Development, United Way (Ontario). Capstone Project: Assessing Local CSR Implementation – The Presence of CSR in Non-Headquartered Regions

Sarah Hedges, Conservation and Education Coordinator, Ontario Nature (Ontario). Capstone Project: Exploring Corporate-Community Partnerships: A Funding Model for Ontario Nature

Caley Hartney, National Operations Manager, Reebok Canada Fitness Foundation (B.C.). Capstone Project: Applying CSR to An Educational Lens – Service with Love Approach to Sustainability within an Educational Institution

Soji Jemitola, Consultant (Ontario). Capstone Project: Sustainability in Canadian Healthcare: Current Status and Possibilities

Abbie Judice, Planner 1, Lafayette Consolidated Government (Louisiana). Capstone Project: Sustainable Business Network for Lafayette, Louisiana

Jacqueline Klaus, Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries and Casino Corporation (Nova Scotia). Capstone Project: Support4Stakeholder Relationship Strategy

Carol Liffman, Development Excellent Advisor (Texas). Capstone Project: Decision Quality Playbook for CSR/Sustainability Professionals

Julie Millard, Senior Director, Corporate Communications, OpenText (Ontario). Capstone Project: Opentext Corporate Social Responsibility FY19Strategic Plan

Akanksha Mishra, Consulting (Ontario). Capstone Project: Employee Engagement Aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

Chuck Okonkwo, Manager, Account Services, United Way Toronto; York Region (Ontario). Capstone Project: Transformational Volunteerism and the Trojan Horse

Madhu Rupasinghe, Community Investment; Sponsorship, Hydro One (Ontario). Capstone Project: Developing a Community Investment Program: Evaluation and Recommendations for a Community Investment Program and at Canadian Utility Company

Eric Saarvala, Consulting (Ontario). Capstone Project: Capstone Project: A Revised Sustainability Framework for CBSR’s Transformational Company Qualities

Mimi Sheriff, Enterprise Account Manager, Customer Success, Bluedrop Learning Networks (Newfoundland and Labrador). Capstone Project: A Case for CSR in a Small Enterprise: Reasons, Recommendations & Reflections for CSR at Bluedrop Learning Networks

Emilie Stinson, Brand Manager, Lego Canada Inc.(Ontario). Capstone Project: Corporate – Charity Partnerships: A balanced approach to mutual value creation through the lens of The LEGO Group

Teresa Catalano, Development Associate, Corporate; Foundation Relations, University of Toronto (Ontario). Capstone Project: Corporate Community Investment and Higher Education in Canada – Breaking Down the Motivational Benefits (A Guide for University of Toronto Fundraisers)