Graduating Class of 2016/2017 & Capstone Projects

Bedrana Ayar, Business Process Consultant, P3 Group (USA). Capstone Project: "CSR Reporting in the Automotive Industry- A Comparative Study after the VW Scandal".

Denise Choi, Communications Manager, CB Richard Ellis, Global Corporate Services. Capstone Project:" Earth Week  Sustainability Fair - Corporate Social Responsibility and Building a Momentum for Change."
Carolina Baltodano, CSR Specialist, Mesoamerica Energy (Costa Rica). Capstone Project: "Development of a Signature Community Investment Program for CMI Energia Wind and Solar". 

Aliya KhondkerOperations Analyst, B. Math and Communications, Strategic Planning and Change Management (Ontario). Capstone Project: "CSR Toolkit for Techies".

Eva Klimova, Mining Engineering Graduate (Ontario).  Capstone Project: "Operationalizing the Mission, Vision and Values within a Small Sized Organization."

Kristina Kramer, Cause Marketing Associate, Centre for Addiction & Mental Health Foundation (Ontario). Capstone Project: "Employeer Supported Volunteering for Not for Profits."

Shawna O'Hearn, Director, Global Health, Dalhousie University (Nova Scotia). Capstone Project: "Social Responsibility - Beyond the Corporate Lense."

Alana PhillipsStrategist, Relationship Manager, Client Relations, Project Manager (Alberta). Capstone Project: "Stuart Olson: A Community Investment Strategy."
Brian Shurman, Eastern Canada Development Leader, Stage & Screen Travel (Corporate Flight Centre) (Ontario). Capstone Project: "Flightcare - Community Support Resources." 

Kevin Spafford, Senior Manager, Public Affairs, Rogers Communication (Ontario). Capstone Project: "Rogers as a B Corp -examining the B Corp Process for large public companies." 

Cole Thomson, Community Relations Area Lead - Western Project, TransCanada Pipelines (Alberta). Capstone Project: "Life Cycle of Pipelines - Engagement across Generations."

Yen To, Director Corporate Communications, Sun Life Financial (Ontario). Capstone Project: "ESG Investing".

Julia Doyle, Corporate Social Responsiblity Officer, Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries and Casino Corporation (Nova Scotia). Capstone Project: "Responsible Gambling Assessment".

Kathryn Ronalds, Strategic Health Care Executive (United Arab Emirates). Capstone Project: "CSR Building Blocks in Multi-National Companies in Middle East/Africa."

Andrea Grigg, Tax Advisor, Enbridge (Alberta). Capstone Project: "Introduction to Micro Finance".

Hayat Abiad, Sr. Project Coordinator-LEED AP, IBI Group (Ontario). Capstone Project: "Attaining Specialized Knowledge in CSR/Sustainability".

Farrah Rao-Hansen, United Nations Social Impact Fund (most recent) (Ontario). Capstone Project: "CSR IN international supply chains - A critical review of anti-slavery legislation and application in global supply chains."

Ozunimi Iti, Industrial Development Officer, Environment Dept., United Nations Development Organization (Austria). Capstone: "Integrating Circular Economy Models into Existing CSR Strategies: Expanding the Social Dimension."

Jennifer Niece, Sr. Advisor, Sustainability, 360 Energy (Ontario). Capstone: "Sustainability Assessment & Action Plan."

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