Change Management for CSR & Sustainability Change Agents (Master Class)

Alumni of the Certificate in CSR/Sustainability have asked us to provide opportunities for further skill advancement and reconnection. Change management is a continuous challenge for Sustainability and CSR Change Agents, especially if we want to be true to the ethics of compassion, caring and engagement espoused in the Certificate in CSR/Sustainability Program, so we thought we would start here.

In this Master Workshop you will have the opportunity to refresh your connection to the ethos of CSR & Sustainability, past Alumni and gain new change management approaches.

Enrol on your own or bring a Team and work through a real world change management challenge.

Why Attend?

In Sustainability/CSR – Change is certain. Buy-in isn’t. Creating buy-in is difficult work.

Organizations that are good at change are able to quickly align people around new ways of doing things in response to opportunities or threats. Those that master it build resilience and an enduring competitive advantage. Mastering change requires practice.

Ron Knowles and Kathryn Cooper have each lead and facilitated change management initiatives for over 30 years including the kind of systems change essential for embedding CSR and sustainability in organizations, supply chains and among stakeholders.

In this Master Workshop – Ron and Kathryn, Certified Experience Change Instructors, will use ExperiencePoint’s award-winning platform – an expert guided change simulation to provide you with best-practice models, tools and tips to manage change. Then, we will use your learning from the change simulation to help you create a plan for your change initiative.

Furthermore, we will reconnect you with the ethos you experienced in the Certificate in CSR & Sustainability – one of community, compassion and caring. And we will introduce you to some new facilitation tools that Sustainability & CSR Changemakers are using.

What will you Learn?

In this 2 day CSR/Sustainability Change Management Master Course, participants will:

  • Get professional assistance with the focus and definition of your “change project” through a pre-program webinar and survey.
  • Apply Change Management Tools and Tips in a Simulation
    • You will work in teams to tackle a realistic change project, from analysis through to planning and implementation. The simulation delivers the essentials of a year-long change journey with target budget, buy-in and timelines, in a one-day workshop.
    • You will receive immediate feedback on decisions, both good and bad, to reinforce learning without putting your company resources and reputations on the line.
    • You will have fun learning through a competitive, energizing and collaborative experience that reveals true change behaviours.
  • Create your own Change Management Plan (on your own or with your Team)
    • On Day 2, you will create your change process and outline your core team, stakeholder map, vision, and action plan for your change project.
    • Receive change tools and techniques under expert guidance in change management and CSR/Sustainability.
    • Receive advice and feedback from instructors and peers.

Who Should Attend?

Anyone leading or participating in a change management initiative.


University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto


November or April, 2016 (date to be determined)

Tuition Fee:

$699 Early Registration (three weeks prior to the program)

$799 Regular Registration

Teams: $ 550 per person for a Team of 3 or more (Early Registration), $ 600 per person for a Team of 3 or more (Regular Registration)

Next Steps:

We hope you will join us!

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