“Insight”, “Inspiration” and “Personal Impacts” – Module 1, 2016/2017 Takeaways

As Module 1 wrapped up last week, we asked participants: “How has this week changed your life?” Here is what some of the participants said:

– “I feel empowered to speak and act on my values in my work instead of hiding them.”

– “I will negotiate looking for shared value more.”

– “(The program) consolidated ideas that were part of a jigsaw puzzle. It feels like the picture, which includes my expertise, values and passion is starting to form more clearly.”

– “The change simulation changed how I think about enlisting support for change.”

– “How to develop the business case – very valuable!!! …and the numbers really illustrate the value (to me – a numbers person)!”

– “Just being surrounded by like-minded individuals who are so, so passionate about what they are doing is so inspiring and motivating. I will take this momentum and get to work.”

2016/2017 Cohort

Certificate in CSR/Sustainability