Award Winning Change Management Simulation now part of St. Michael’s CSR Certificate Program

The University of St. Michael’s College is thrilled to announce an exciting partnership with ExperiencePoint – award winning Change Management Simulation Company.

The ExperienceChange “change management” simulation is now embedded into the CSR Certificate Program.  ExperienceChange simulates the challenges of real world change, without the real world scars. From analysis through to planning and implementation, the experience delivers the essentials of a year-long change journey in a one-day workshop.

“The implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability is a change management process,” notes Robert B. Edgett, Head, Continuing Education, University of St Michael’s College.  “We are excited to be able to offer this award winning program.”

While completing the change management simulation, participations will consider how Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability should impact their decision making.  

ExperienceChange is used in prestigious institutions such as the London Business School and Rotman Business School and has been used by over 100,000 people world wide.  Check out the testimonials from business here.  The Financial Times noted, “over half of the world’s top Executive Programs use ExperienceChange.”

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