2015/2016 Cohort “Module 1 – Engaging, Thought Provoking, Practical!”

The 2015/2016 CSR/Sustainability Certificate Cohort met last week at a program filled with practical learning on making the Business Case for CSR/Sustainability, being an Intrapreneur and Change Maker and rolling out a change management strategy for a complex organization.

Participants described the program as: Invigorating, Inspiring and Empowering.  

They appreciated  new perspectives provided by thought-leaders Dr. Bob Willard, Mimi Marrocco and Ron Knowles.  “Bob provided us with tangible ways to identify profitable strategies for tackling CSR/Sustainability”. Mimi helped them think about the importance of context and how incorporating the notion of ‘shared value’ into an organizational strategy can open up a new future. They noted that Ron’s change management simulation engaged them in experiencing how change is often slow, where small decisions can have a significant impact and how adjusting to feedback along the way can be critical.  

“I really appreciated the community feeling, reflective style, diverse perspectives from my classmates and the variety of learning tools provided.”  Another participant noted that they found the program “…engaging, thought provoking and practical – I am looking forward to our next Module!”.

The group headed home to 5 different countries and will continue to connect with their colleagues, Faculty Mentors and assignments to further their learning before Module 2 in May.

Click here to meet the participants in the 2015/2016 Graduating Group.

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