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The Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability is a blended learning program that allows you to work full time while earning your Graduate Certificate.

The program consists of a total of eleven (11) day and evening sessions over a period of one year, plus distance education through a leading Learning Management System, meetings/teleconferences with your Mentor Group, and monthly Best Practice Webinars.  The face to face sessions occur on the University of St. Michael's College campus in the University of Toronto.  These sessions occur over three modules as outlined below.

Information Session on Business Case & Application Process

Module 1

3 days in October on the University of Toronto campus

Foundations of CSR, Sustainability, ESG:

  • Making the Real Business Case for CSR, Sustainability, ESG & Sustainability ROI Workbook
  • Sustainable Development Goals and Global Standards for CSR & Sustainability
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Practitioners as Change Agents
  • ExperienceChange™ Change Management Business Simulation
  • Redefining Corporate Purpose, Innovating and Creating Shared Value
  • CSR & Sustainability Professionals as Intrapreneurs
  • Integrating Values & Ethics into Business
  • Understanding Context and Systems - Slow Knowledge and Reflection

Experiential Work between Sessions:

  • Work with Mentor/Instructor on Capstone
  • Assignment 1: CSR & Sustainability Book Review
  • Assignment: Capstone Project Proposal (Due: December 31)
  • Ethics Prework Checklist Assignment
  • Monthly Alumni Webinars and Readings
    • Prior to Module 1
      • Embedding Project
      • Volunteerism for Engagement & Community Investment
      • Business Case - ROI Tool (Pre-Work for October)
      • Setting the Context - Our Ethical Lens (Pre-Work for October session)
    • Post Module 1 & Prior to Module 2
      • Stakeholder Engagement
      • Employee Engagement
      • ESG & Investors (Socially Responsible Investing)
      • Supply Chain & ESG, CSR, Sustainability
      • Climate Change, Reporting & Responsibility (Pre-Work for May)
      • Anti-Corruption & Human Rights
      • Strategy Development (Strategy Assessment Pre-Work for May)
      • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility (Benchmark Pre-Work for May)
  • Preparation for next Module on Learning Management System
  • Journaling and Reflection

Module 2

5 days in May on the University of Toronto campus

Deconstructing CSR, Sustainability, ESG:

  • Developing Strategy and Embedding CSR/Sustainability
  • Stakeholder Engagement Methods and Frameworks
  • Materiality Methods and Approaches for Opportunity and Risk Management & Reporting
  • Environmental Sustainability Connections & Planning 
  • Ethical Behaviour, Tools (Codes of Conduct etc) and Giving Voice to Values
  • Inclusion, Diversity Equity & Accessibility 
  • Community Investment, Corporate Partnerships, Measurement & Reporting
  • Metrics & Reporting ESG, CSR, Sustainability
  • Communicating ESG, Sustainability & CSR 
  • Global Legal and Financial Dimensions of ESG, CSR and Sustainability

Experiential Work between Sessions:

  • Assignment 2: Option of 1. B Corp or Embedding Gap Assessment, 2. ISSP Certification Prep., 3. Participant Hosted Webinar, 4. Conference Reflection Elective
  • Capstone Project Work (due September)
  • Best Practice Webinars and Readings
    • Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships
    • Participant Hosted Webinar (Option for Assignment 2)
  • Preparation for Next Module on Learning Management System
  • Journaling and Reflection

Module 3

3 days in November on University of Toronto campus

Integrating CSR and Sustainability:

  • Indigenous Perspectives and Reconciliation for ESG, Sustainability & CSR
  • Governance: Implications for ESG, CSR and Sustainability
  • The Future of Leadership ESG, CSR/Sustainability Champions
  • Novel Study - Application of ESG, CSR, Sustainability 
  • Capstone Project Presentations
  • University of Toronto Convocation 

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