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The Diploma in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability is a blended learning program that allows you to work full time while earning your Graduate Diploma.

The program consists of a total of eleven (11) day and evening sessions over a period of one year, plus distance education through a leading Learning Management System, meetings/teleconferences with your Mentor Group, and monthly Best Practice Webinars. The face-to-face sessions occur on the University of St. Michael's College campus in the University of Toronto. These sessions occur over three modules as outlined below.

Information Session on Business Case & Application Process (2021)

Module 1

3 days in October on the University of Toronto campus

Foundations of CSR, Sustainability, ESG:

  • Making the Real Business Case for CSR, Sustainability, ESG & Sustainability ROI Workbook
  • Sustainable Development Goals and Global Standards for CSR & Sustainability
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Practitioners as Change Agents
  • ExperienceChange™ Change Management Business Simulation
  • Redefining Corporate Purpose, Innovating and Creating Shared Value
  • CSR & Sustainability Professionals as Intrapreneurs
  • Integrating Values & Ethics into Business
  • Understanding Context and Systems - Slow Knowledge and Reflection

Experiential Work between Sessions:

  • Work with Mentor/Instructor on Capstone
  • Assignment 1: CSR & Sustainability Book Review
  • Assignment: Capstone Project Proposal 
  • Ethics Prework Checklist Assignment
  • Monthly Alumni Webinars and Readings
    • Prior to Module 1
      • Embedding Project
      • Volunteerism for Engagement & Community Investment
      • Business Case - ROI Tool (Pre-Work for October)
      • Setting the Context - Our Ethical Lens (Pre-Work for October session)
    • Post Module 1 & Prior to Module 2
      • Stakeholder Engagement
      • Employee Engagement
      • ESG & Investors (Socially Responsible Investing)
      • Supply Chain & ESG, CSR, Sustainability
      • Climate Change, Reporting & Responsibility (Pre-Work for May)
      • Anti-Corruption & Human Rights
      • Strategy Development (Strategy Assessment Pre-Work for May)
      • Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Accessibility (Benchmark Pre-Work for May)
  • Preparation for the next Module on the Learning Management System
  • Journaling and Reflection

Module 2

5 days in May on the University of Toronto campus

Deconstructing CSR, Sustainability, ESG:

  • Developing Strategy and Embedding CSR/Sustainability
  • Stakeholder Engagement Methods and Frameworks
  • Materiality Methods and Approaches for Opportunity and Risk Management & Reporting
  • Environmental Sustainability Connections & Planning
  • Ethical Behaviour, Tools (Codes of Conduct etc.) and Giving Voice to Values
  • Inclusion, Diversity Equity & Accessibility
  • Community Investment, Corporate Partnerships, Measurement & Reporting
  • Metrics & Reporting ESG, CSR, Sustainability
  • Communicating ESG, Sustainability & CSR
  • Global Legal and Financial Dimensions of ESG, CSR and Sustainability

Experiential Work between Sessions:

  • Assignment 2: Option of 1. B Corp or Embedding Gap Assessment, 2. ISSP Certification Prep., 3. Participant Hosted Webinar, 4. Conference Reflection Elective
  • Capstone Project Work (due September)
  • Best Practice Webinars and Readings
    • Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships
    • Participant Hosted Webinar (Option for Assignment 2)
  • Preparation for Next Module on the Learning Management System
  • Journaling and Reflection

Module 3

3 days in November on the University of Toronto campus

Integrating CSR and Sustainability:

  • Indigenous Perspectives and Reconciliation for ESG, Sustainability & CSR
  • Governance: Implications for ESG, CSR and Sustainability
  • The Future of Leadership ESG, CSR/Sustainability Champions
  • Novel Study - Application of ESG, CSR, Sustainability
  • Capstone Project Presentations
  • University of Toronto Convocation

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