CSR Graduates & Student Achievements

We asked our graduates and students about their achievements since graduation and joining the program. Here are some of the great things they are doing.

Hayat Abaid, Sr. Project Coordinator-LEED AP, IBI Group (Ontario), 2016/17 Cohort was recently awarded her Sustainability Associate Certificate from the International Society of Sustainability Professionals. ISSP Certification is one of the project options for the second assignment in the CSR/Sustainability program. “One of the learning objectives for my involvement in the CSR Certificate is to advance my professional learning and credentials,” notes Hayat. “I found this assignment really met my goals and the instructors were very helpful in preparing me for the certification exam and process.”

Hassan Sukhon, graduate of the 2015/16 Cohort, recently returned from Dubai where he received appreciation and a thank you letter from Dubai Police Headquarters for his role in improving their performance in social policing. His Capstone Project for the CSR Certificate focused on working with Dubai Police to implement social programs. Next month he will travel to Dubai for a week to give a lecture to the suppliers of the Dubai Policy on why to supply environmental products for the government sector. He also received approval to be a certified trainer for Dubai police staff. Specifically he will be working with the service to implement the Community Bear Program now implemented within the Ontario Provincial Police..

Robert Waite, graduate of the 2008/09 Cohort of the CSR Certificate, notified us that he started his own firm, Waite + Co. in 2010, where CSR is one of his company’s practice areas. In 2014 he was engaged by the United Nations to conduct a week-long program on CSR in Barbados for ten Caribbean postal administrations (building on the work he had done at Canada Post). In 2016 he became a professor at Seneca College, teaching in the graduate public relations program. He includes CSR and CSR reporting in his curriculum each semester. He also frequently writes for Huffington Post on a variety of topics.

Anna Polatschek graduated from the Class of 2012/13. Anna, now working for Ernst & Young, spearheaded the Rio Olympic Legacy Volunteer Program in 2016. This program connected 27 EY professionals from across multiple areas and eight different countries to a handful of local non-governmental organizations. In the three months leading to the Olympics, volunteers working remotely offered their expertise to community organizations that would not have been able to afford their services. For Anna, the opportunity to participate in a project that focused on a corporate social responsibility initiative was especially attractive. She has always been attracted to the idea of contributing to society. (Credit: Concordia in the News).