Curriculum Highlights

Module 1

Online Discussions

Module 2

Online Discussions

Module 3

3 days in the fall of each year
On campus, in Toronto

  • Foundations
  • Integrating Values
  • ExperienceCSR

5 days in May of the following year
On campus, in Toronto

  • Ethics
  • Human Rights
  • Community Investment
  • Environment
  • Employee Relations
  • Media Relations

3 days in September
On campus, in Toronto

  • Integrating theory and practice
  • Leadership
  • Governance
  • Affective learning

Discussion, simulation and role play will introduce participants to the foundational principles of Corporate Social Responsibility. In a small group (maximum 15 students admitted each year) we will consider the language and evolution of CSR and will discuss, together with invited experts, governance, measurement and recent international CSR surveys. For one day of the session, participants will engage in an award winning web-based simulation entitled ExperienceCSR.

Attendance at Conference or Workshop: Between October and September of the following year, participants should participate in a conference or workshop related to any aspect of CSR. Location and topic to be selected by the participant.

During the final session of the program, the elements of CSR are considered in integrated fashion, with particular focus on the role of leadership and governance.