Praise for the Program

Jessica Pelchat, Executive VP and Chief Sustainability Officer, Office Coffee Solutions


Brian Shurman, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Corporate Flight Centre

“The program offered me the framework I needed to better plan and implement a Community Investment Strategy (C.I.S) for Flight Centre Travel Group. Most importantly in my case, I learned how best to galvanize our coast to coast stakeholders and reinforce the roll out of our various and ongoing CSR initiatives.”
Class of 2016/2017.
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David Rutherford, Vice President, ESG Services, NEI.

"I wanted to deepen my knowledge and understanding of the sustainability field as I came into my new role as VP, ESG at NEI. The Diploma Program in CSR and Sustainability was a perfect fit. I really have to commend the program’s leaders for taking a curatorial approach to enrollees in the program…the highest value of the program to me was the group of truly exceptional leaders enrolled in the program. They served to amplify my learning, both during the program and since."
Class of 2019/2020.
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Shahin Hirji, Mining Consultant, Distill Consulting

"Warning - This program will light a fire in you and empower you to pursue your goals towards a more sustainable planet. You (and the world) may never be the same again.”
Class of 2019/2020.
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Shawna Peddle, Program Director, Co-operators Community Funds

"The connection of the program to the real world, the quality of the instructors and the calibre of the students was unparalleled - I learned so much and could see myself and my work in every aspect of the program.”
Class of 2019/2020.
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Eric Saarvala, Impactalyst Consulting, Corporate Social Responsibility & Philanthropic Services

"This program was central to transitioning my career to Corporate Social Responsibility/Sustainability. I made valuable contacts and landed a CSR contract during the program. The learning from the faculty, materials and my classmates has been invaluable as it strengthened my existing areas of expertise and closed the gap in others. The outcome was a skill-set to be a catalyst for impact and create economic, social and environmental value through sustainable business.”
Class of 2017/2018.
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Nicole Ciciretto, Sales Analyst, Rogers Communications

“I’m so grateful to have participated in the CSR & Sustainability program at St.Michael’s College. My learning from the program has been the foundation to the pillar of success for my career. I’m taking all the knowledge that I’ve gained and I’m consistently creating real value to my organization. By bridging theories on ethical behaviours, fair operating practices and change management , I have been able to ensure those practices truly embedded and accepted in the culture of my workplace. This program unlocked my potential. It has allowed me to gain confidence in my leadership and intrapreneual skills. I’m forever grateful for the experience, the lessons that I learned, and the great people I met.”
Class of 2015/2016.
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Pamela Cone, VP Global Corporate Responsibility, Milliman

“This program has been so influential on my organization and career. Soon after joining the program I was promoted to VP, Global Corporate Responsibility. I presented my Module 2 Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks evaluation to my senior leadership team to inform our strategy, and I passed the Sustainability Associate exam with the International Society of Sustainability Professionals during the program. My Capstone project was a study of CSR/Sustainability practices in professional service firms. The results outline a path forward. This program is helping me make a real difference.”
Class of 2017/2018.
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Paolo Di Bartolomeo, Manager, Stewardship, Loblaw Companies Limited

"I lead the Stewardship function at Loblaw Companies Limited, my mandate is to ensure that compliance is maintained at a high standard with all Federal and Provincial stewardship programs across Canada. Loblaw Companies Limited Senior leadership team has identified that success of the Stewardship function requires leadership, data driven decision making support and meaningful research. Given the scale, size and complexity of delivering such a mandate, in August of 2013, I embarked on a journey that led me to the CSR program at University of St. Michael's College, and thankful I took that first step.

The CSR program delivered at St. Michael's College has guided me towards a framework that will not only help me with the journey at Loblaws – the program has personally provided me with valuable insight toward evolving field of Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility with Loblaw Companies Limited. The dynamic created between faculty and students on all levels was seen both in and out of the classroom. The leadership, innovation and sheer passion in the field of CSR was unique and quite impressive, I was exposed to a variety of perspectives and thoughts that stem from experiences and differences in knowledge; this was indispensable. I have been challenged and developed as a person while in the program, and it gave me an opportunity to branch out my environmental leadership in some new directions. It has been a very rewarding experience."

Sabina Di Risio, Technology Scouting Manager, EcoSynthetix Corporation

Thank you again for a life-changing program. I enjoyed every minute of the journey. I will miss the space for reflection and the community we co-created. I hope we stay in touch."
Class of 2015/2016
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Janet Piper, Manager, Promotion & Philanthropy | Marketing, Mackenzie Investments

"I absolutely believe the Certificate was instrumental in getting me a job with a CSR focus. When my boss introduces me to new colleagues he mentions the Certificate nearly every time!"
Class of 2015/2016
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Mary Ann Sayers, Ricoh Canada Inc., Director of Corporate Responsibility and Community Relations

"In 2012, I began the Certificate Program in CSR at The University of St. Michael’s College. This helped me to better articulate Ricoh’s CSR activities (e.g. zero-to-landfill philosophy, extensive history of environmental concern) and to refine our CSR strategy so that it assumed a more tangible structure within our business. This resulted in the creation of our Corporate Sustainability and Community Relations department. As the leader of that department I am responsible for our ongoing CSR Strategy and execution efforts... Mimi Marrocco, the professors and contributors of the St. Michael’s University CSR Certificate Program, were the most knowledgeable, sharing, collaborative and caring group of professionals I have had the pleasure to learn from." (ref:

Merling Sapene, Director, Education, Governance, Achieving Excellence, Process & IT Support, Product Life Cycle, Bombardier Aerospace

"During my major project at the Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility I engaged local and global partners to encourage youth to be interested and passionate about science and technology. I led a team that developed "Passion for from Within" (primary school) and "Passion for Flight" (secondary schools).

This program will be launched in early 2015 in the School Boards Marguerite-Bourgeoys and Lester B. Pearson. And in April 2015, it will be part of the competition in the 10th anniversary of the Ligue d’improvisation en science et technologie. In the future, it will be deployed more widely in other school boards in the Montreal metropolitan area and the rest of Quebec. The Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility Program at the University of St. Michael's College really launched my leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Investment at my company. Now I have led and nutured a program that will inspire students everywhere - it all started at the University of St. Michael's College."

Rachel Guthrie, Senior Manager, Corporate Responsibility, TD Bank Group

Definitely worth the investment. The tutors create an engaging forum to explore the complexities of applying CSR theory to the practical realities we all face in business.
Class of 2012

Mary Ann Kenney, Manager, Corporate Responsibility Strategy & Reporting, Enbridge

The St. Michael’s Certificate Program in CSR helped me build deep, meaningful and long-lasting connections: between the social, environmental and economic facets of CSR; between business, the community, and myself as an individual; and, most importantly, with the many like-minded individuals I met with a passion for CSR. I highly recommend it.
Class of 2012

Will Hughesman, P.Eng., Manager, Community Consultation & Regulatory Affairs, Nexen Inc.

I especially liked the program schedule. Having three sessions on campus over a little more than one year allowed me to really reflect on the program concepts and to apply that learning to my day to day work.

Renae Addis, Manager, Community Investment, RBC Royal Bank

A rewarding and wonderful learning opportunity ... I would encourage anyone who works in the field or has an interest in the area of CSR to consider the Certificate
Class of 2004

Brenda Stasuik, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, Farm Credit Canada

I am pleased to recommend the Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate program to anyone wanting to learn more about all aspects of CSR. The program featured excellent content from current CSR practitioners, and attracted a range of students from many industries, and at varying levels within their organizations.
Class of 2010

Cathy Gallagher-Louisy, Director, Knowledge Services, Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion

The St. Michael’s CSR Certificate program was an incredibly transformative experience for me - both personally and professionally. Through the program, I increased my business acumen and gained a more holistic understanding of CSR and Sustainability. After graduating, I used what I learned in the program to create a business case for the creation of a full-time job leading CSR and diversity in Canada with my employer.

Since then, the knowledge I gained through the program has been useful and impactful in my day-to-day work, the connections I made in the program have become long-time trusted colleagues and friends, and the well-recognized credential has become an important part of my professional brand for speaking, teaching, and consulting opportunities. I have recommended this program to many colleagues and friends seeking to expand their knowledge and credentials in CSR and Sustainability.

Class 2007

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