This Spring, the University of St. Michael's College CSR/Sustainability Education Council met to discuss the Program's future vision, core competencies and measures of success.  

It was a meeting filled with enthusiasm and the belief that St. Michael's CSR/Sustainability Certificate Program inspires and empowers change makers to create aneconomically viable, socially responsible, and environmentally sustainable world.  

Stay tuned for more!

CSR/Sustainability Education Council (L-R):Barbara Turley McIntyre (Co-operators), Brenda Stasuik (Farm Credit Canada), Kim Wilson (Atlantic Lottery), Mary Ann Sayer (Ricoh Canada), Steven Fish (Canadian Business for Social Responsibility), Mimi Marrocco (St. Michael's College), Kevin D'Souza (Co-Chair) (Centerragold), Marie Jurcevic (Co-Chair) (Enbridge), Robert Edgett, (St. Michael's College)



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