Graduating Class of 2018/2019

Alexandra Aguilar, Global Transportation Strategy Coordinator, Aldo (Quebec). Deferred to 2019/2020

Emily Allert House, Communication; Marketing Lead, West Campus Development Trust (Alberta). Deferred to 2019/2020

Joelle Berube-Cheng, Coordinator, Fund Development, The Riverwood Conservacy (Ontario)

Alexandra Biron, Coordinator, Corporate Responsibility, Deloitte (Ontario).

Nikki Byrne, Corporate Fundraising Manager, Regent Park School of Music Foundation (Ontario).

Lauren Butler, Manager - Communications & Fundraising, Connected North @ TakingITGlobal (Ontario).

Yishey Choden, Senior Development Officer, Corporate Development,CAMH (Ontario).

Evelyn Chan, Fundraising Coordinator, G(irls)20 (Ontario).

Jennifer Charlebois, Director, Communications, CannTx (Ontario).

Jeff Cameron, Senior Director, Business Operations, Eckler Ltd. (Ontario).

Lavina DaSilva, Specialist in Global Vendor Compliance/Ethical Sourcing, Canada Goose (Ontario).

Elissa Downey, Senior Planner, Strategy, Workplace Insurance and Safety Board (Ontario). Deferred to 2019/2020

Jessica Farias, Senior Officer, Community Investment, Greater Toronto Airport Authority (Ontario).

Madeline Kingston, Manager, Volunteer; Community Engagement, Toronto Humane Society (Ontario).

Diana de La Cruz, Sr. Manager of Anti-Money-Laundry Quality Assurance for International Operations, Scotiabank (Ontario). Deferred to 2019/2020

Laurel Hansen, Director, Client Experience, Me to We (Ontario).

Marianne Limpert, Program Coordinator, Community Investment, New Brunswick Power (New Brunswick).

Andrea McLeod, Project Leader, City of Mississauga (Ontario).

Troy Kolish, Manager, National Partnerships, Saskatchewan Government Insurance (Saskatchewan). Deferred to 2019/2020

Andrew Kondraski, Director, Steward Communications,Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance (Ontario).

Samphe Lhalungpa, International Development Professional (Ontario).

Dr. Shiv Nath, Professor, Institute of Management Technology Nagpur (India).

Kate Minson, Manager, Community Investment, HSBC Bank Canada (British Columbia).

Christie Oh, Ph.D. Student, University of Toronto (Ontario).

Miranda O'Connor, Founder, The Art of Storytelling (Ontario).

Swati Patil, Master's Student, International Business (Ontario). (Deferred to 2019/2020)

Laura Pacheco, VP, Research, Financial Executives International (Ontario).

Jordan Pinches, Customer Success Manager, EcoVadis (Ontario).

Isabel Perez-Doherty, Manager, Philanthropy; Strategic Impact, YWCA (Ontario).

Ashley Pettifer, Director, Public Affairs & Partnerships, Ryelle Strategy Group (Ontario).

Rebecca Schwartz, Philanthropic Services; Corporate Communications, Pear Tree Financial Services Ltd.(Ontario).

Kim Robinson, Managing Director, OVC Pet Trust, Ontario Veterinarian College (Ontario).

Emma Rogers, Director, Field Marketing, IG Wealth Management (Ontario). (Deferred to 2019/2020)

Tricia Schers, VP Marketing; Sales, Frontiers North Adventures (Manitoba)

Mary Simpkins, Supply Chain Manager, Celestica (Ontario).

Sarah Thirnbeck, Associate Director, Strategic Impact, Canadian Real Estate Association (Nova Scotia).

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